The Research Department at Myers & Briggs Foundation includes the Isabel Briggs Myers Memorial Library and MILO®—the online repository of the largest collection of publications in psychological type in the world. We publish the Journal of Psychological Type® Research Digest and support research with the MBTI® instruments.

The MBTI assessment is unique among personality systems and has decades of research behind it, which can be accessed through the Isabel Briggs Myers Memorial Library. With the rise of unvalidated assessments and unvetted information on the internet, scientific validity of personality assessments is more important than ever for any assessment you may use in your professional or personal life. Read about the reliability and validity of the MBTI instrument and the Journal of Psychological Type Research Digest.

Research with the MBTI Instrument

The Research Department encourages and supports research conducted by graduate students and professionals. To request to use the MBTI assessment in your research study, contact The Myers-Briggs Company.

For more information on our research with the MBTI assessment and our other Jungian assessments, reach out to research@myersbriggs.org.